Art Nouveau Panel – white roses – vector work-in-progress

Built the vector artwork for this Art Nouveau panel of white roses. Still need to add a few more embellishments from the source illustration and fine tune the paths. I prefer building the vectors from scratch (vs. using live trace). I’ve been using the Astute Graphics plugins (primarily Drawscribe) to speed up the tedious path building.

Art Nouveau Panel – vector exploration

Getting familiar with some Astute Graphics vector plugins (Drawscribe and Vectorscribe). Decided to take an art nouveau panel illustration by H. de Waroquier to practice use of the tools (these are primarily extensions of Adobe Illustrator’s basic pen tools). They take a little time to get used to because of muscle memory using the basic Illustrator pen, but overall pretty impressed with these plugins. This piece deserves a little more rework and refinement but wanted to practice with the new tools.