“Juggling Man” from Sketching Gallery at the Getty Center #Draw365 (22/365)

Went to see the outstanding Klimt Exhibition at the Getty Center today (as well as some other exhibits, including that of photographer Herb Ritts). While there I noticed the Getty has a Sketching Gallery. I had my sketchbook and fountain pen so decided to spend a few minutes there and got this sketch of a sculpture called “Juggling Man” which I’m adding to my Draw365 collection. What a nice environment to work on drawing/painting skills! The staff were so nice–they even gave me a Made at the Getty stamp.


Exploring Watercolors in Painter 12.2 #Draw365 (19/365)

Thought I’d continue posting daily drawing exercises here and on Twitter (initially started at my Posterous blog). Corel Painter’s 12.2 has some new features for watercolor painting (among others). Haven’t worked much with watercolors but dabbled with some of the new water brushes and flow maps. I hope to learn and use this medium in both digital and traditional forms. The watercolor artists in the Painter community provide a lot of support, tutorials and resources–they are awesome.