An Apple a Day

Fuji apple notecard dazzle

Corel recently released Painter 2015. Am happy with this version so far as it’s more stable than X3. I’m going to be more methodical about going through the Painter 2015 native brushes and media and avoid loading up with custom brushes that have been accumulated over several versions of Painter and from Painter artists. I set up a simple still life of apples and painted one with the Pastel brushes. I then designed some artwork for a notecard at my Zazzle Store.


Mask Making

I like taking my less than stunning photos and repurposing them for other uses. This image of a large, leafless tree (at the Descanso Gardens) against a gloomy sky was good structure for a mask created in Photoshop. There was some cleanup in the alpha channel (such as removing power lines). I saved the final output to a TIF file with alpha channel which can be used in other media.