Quick iPadPro drawing memo

Never posted a drawing demo but have been so impressed with the recently purchased iPadPro’s performance that I did a quick drawing from imagination. Am using the Procreate app and Sensu stylus (while waiting for the Apple Pencil to be delivered). The iPadPro’s dimension and fast chip performance lend themselves so well to drawing/painting that I don’t have to dwell on laggy performance. (Video capture via iPhone6 Plus.)

Ragdoll iPad Painting

(Thanks to reference photo from nikaross of  Friends of Felines Rescue Center, Defiance Ohio). Drew and painted a beautiful Ragdoll cat (“Badu”) on iPad using the Procreate app, Nomad brush and Bamboo pen. I’m starting to settle on the Procreate app among a few painting apps I’ve tried on the iPad2. Its minimalist interface doesn’t distract from the drawing, painting process. I like getting a textured feeling on the canvas with its brushes which can be customized by importing your own textures; it’s an area for more exploration.