Pastels Sunset

I’ve been taking a Painter class in Pastels taught by Corel Painter Master, Karen Bonaker, at the Digital Art Academy. Karen’s class has provided valuable guidance in exploring the pastels brushes, papers and textures in creating pastel paintings. Learning from a “master” has been the artist’s way of honing skills. The class provided beautiful reference images of sunsets from

Pastels Sunset


An Apple a Day

Fuji apple notecard dazzle

Corel recently released Painter 2015. Am happy with this version so far as it’s more stable than X3. I’m going to be more methodical about going through the Painter 2015 native brushes and media and avoid loading up with custom brushes that have been accumulated over several versions of Painter and from Painter artists. I set up a simple still life of apples and painted one with the Pastel brushes. I then designed some artwork for a notecard at my Zazzle Store.


Female Head (work-in-progress) #Draw365 (27/365)

Progressing very slowly on this painting while learning to draw head structure. Am almost finished (I hope). I posted an earlier attempt here but have been struggling to achieve likeness of the photo model (from Ultimate 2.0 Denisa DVD by Ballistic). It’s a very nuanced skill which makes me appreciate portrait artists who render likeness with this skill (from realistic to very painterly approaches).

The black and white version of the color painting is to check on tonal range.


Exploring Watercolors in Painter 12.2 #Draw365 (19/365)

Thought I’d continue posting daily drawing exercises here and on Twitter (initially started at my Posterous blog). Corel Painter’s 12.2 has some new features for watercolor painting (among others). Haven’t worked much with watercolors but dabbled with some of the new water brushes and flow maps. I hope to learn and use this medium in both digital and traditional forms. The watercolor artists in the Painter community provide a lot of support, tutorials and resources–they are awesome.